We design things.
We are an international architectural design studio.  We have offices in Kansas City, MO and Kolkata, India.  We offer full architecture, master planning, programming, conceptual design, and interior design services both locally and nationally.  Our typical design process brings together a financial, operational, and cultural team.

We want to change how we age.
We are experts in the Household Model, which is a person-centered approach that shapes the physical environment, organizational structure, and interpersonal relationships of a senior living community.  By changing those three pieces harmoniously, we provide elders with genuine home and the opportunity to direct their own lives.  We have thorough knowledge and experience of how good design can influence the people who live and work in care environments.  

We are our people.
Action Pact Design Group is not the four walls that create our offices, but rather our people.  We are your neighbors and we pride ourselves on being incredibly easy to work with.  We excel at integrating our diverse backgrounds and design talents to help bring your vision to reality.  The best way we can engage and serve others is by continually being involved and giving back to our unique communities.